What Flavor is Kool-Aid Man?

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Sunday afternoon lunch topic  “What flavor is Kool-Aid man?”

I know this is not the first time someone has wondered about this.  Joey brings this up as we are having lunch. Well, Joey, that is a very good question!  So we asked the other kids what flavor they thought he was. Here are their answers:

Char Char: ” I don’t know”

Freddy: “Fruit Punch.”

Ella:  “Tropical Punch”

Lucy Elaine: “Cherry”

Mia: “Fruit Punch”

Joey: “Cherry”


Huh, good answers! So I did a little poking around and here is what I found.  Although Kool-Aid was invented in 1927, the 6 foot walking talking red pitcher made his debut in 1974.   With this being said, he was created almost 20 years before that in 1954 by Marvin Potts. 

There was never an assigned flavor to the Kool-Aid Man that I know of.   Although on Wikipedia, they claim the flavor of Kool-Aid man is cherry. From my own research, I am to believe there was never a meeting or a topic of discussion on what flavor he was.  Most people seem to believe he is one of the original flavors: Cherry  Strawberry or Rasberry.   Considering that he was not created until almost 50 years after the original Kool-Aid was invented (then called Fruit Smack )  the question remains open.

This is probably one of the shortest posts you will find on my blog. So PLEASE Comment below if you have any information regarding this.

Does anyone have any insight on this topic?





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