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Summer Vacation ~ Living on the Olympic Peninsula~

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Summer vacation is something my kids and I look forward all year.  Since July 2015 after moving from Idaho, summer is not just a break from school it’s a vacation. Because we don’t have to travel, planning activities for our family is always a no-brainer.

Not only do we live 31 miles from the  Pacific Coastline,  we are surrounded by nature trails, a rainforest, and a lake. So many things to choose from, within as little as 5 miles from our front door.  In addition, with the tire swing in the backyard, and the endless hours of foursquare we never have an excuse for boredom.


~Our top 3 favorite activities~

Nature Trails Olympic peninsula

Olympic National Park Nature Trails

  #1 Walking the trails

922,650 acres of Mother Nature’s finest creations are located within The Olympic National Park.   There are multiple trail loops to choose from.  Queets, Hoh River, and Quinault Rainforests all have trails that are mainly flat; some as short as 1/4 mile. In addition to these locations, there are mountain hiking trails a bit further north in the park.  When I am all healed up from my spinal surgery I am hoping that is something I will be able to do with my kids.





#2 Going to the BeachBeach 4 Lifestyle~ The Washington Pineapple~subject to copyright

From Ocean Shores to Ruby Beach,  all the way up 101 North, every location is so different.  Spring break this year 2018 we took a day trip, along the coast.  Ruby Beach was the gorgeous, however a bit of a hiking involved.  Beach 2, and Beach 4 off 101 North was our favorite.  It was a bit chilly that day, but my 12-year-old Freddy Found whole sand dollars. Pretty cool!


Not to mention the tide pools with sea creatures we were able to touch.  Some were pretty slimy!  The Starfish felt rough like sandpaper.  This is a great place to take the family. We always make sure to be gentle, as these are all living creatures.  Even though sometimes we still mistake them for plants,  I remind them that they are alive.

Most importantly, we always remember to never pick up or move any creature from its habitat.


#3  Going to the LakeQuinault Lake Washington~subject to copyright

Ahh, the lake. Even if we are not swimming we love to sit on the sandy beach and sing songs. Lucy never forgets the ukulele.  She can play anything. Name a song, she will learn it in minutes.   My musical genius!



Thank you for visiting!  Feel free to leave a comment!  Any Summer Staycation activities near your home?  Please share!

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