Washington Pineapple Photography began as a lifestyle and music blog in May of 2018.  At the time I was focusing on social media marketing for small businesses while playing music in my spare time. .  I didnt really have much direction with my blog, other than taking pictures so thats what i am focused on

Creating music and Travel adventures together with the rest of the family is our main goal.

About Lucy

Lucy Elaine

Lucy is a multi-instrumentalist, book lover and a straight-A student.  She loves to compete (at anything!) She plays Volleyball, Basketball and has experience in competition dance. This year she is Cheerleader. What will she do next year? Well, she will do whatever she sets her mind to. She does a little of everything!  At the age of 15 she has mastered the Violin, Piano, Cello, Guitar, and Ukulele.  She has 3 cats and would love to have 10 if I let her.

About Amelia

The washington pineapple~ about me38-year-old Mom and Gram. I am a 25 year Guitar Veteran with dozens of original songs.  Performing has always been a part of my life. I have a bit of a Love-hate relationship with the stage since I can remember. I have stage fright, but I love the music scene. Lucy and I are working some music together and will be booking future shows in new locations in the near future.

Currently I  am booking  clients for travel/ vacation shoots along the Olympic Peninsula.   Families, couples , children and ofcourse pets too! If You will be traveling this way and would like to schedule a shoot, you can reach me here contact@washingtonpineapple.com.

I have had 2 back surgeries within 14 months of each other. The latest one in June of this year. I have accepted the fact that my health will always be a struggle, but I will not let it keep me from living the life I have always wanted to.  I love to create food masterpieces,  discover new places and capture priceless moments on camera.

My other kids are Hailey 18, Julion 17, Freddy 13, Joey 10, Ella 10 (they will be 11 on December 4th!!) and Char Char ( yes its a nickname) 7 years old. My Grandbaby Nevaya just turned 2.

You will hear me mention the names Mia 11 and Kela 13 often as well. These are my roommate’s kids, and I love them as my own. So basically I have 9 kids. I love them all to pieces!

You can find more about me here~ About me, Things I love and Why I Hate the Word Blog

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