Living With Asthma ~ Why it Scares me

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Asthma is the scariest thing that I have ever had to deal with. It outweighs my OCD, Anxiety, and anything I have ever struggled with.

While my other struggles have been pretty real and almost terrifying at times, the severity of my breathing symptoms has left me in some situations that I would never wish on anyone.

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Today, in particular, is rough for me.   I should have seen a doctor sooner, and as I usually do I procrastinated until I felt like I was gasping for air. ( And this is not even the worst attack I have had)


I live about an hour and 20 minutes from my doctor, and about an hour from any hospital. I can tell you that if I had not called first thing this morning and gone in to see my Doctor, I would have been taking another ambulance ride to the ER.

 Having an attack feels like someone tied a plastic bag over my head


Remember this if your child or family member says they can’t breathe. Even if my oxygen is 98 it still feels like suffocating.

Don’t let the stats fool you.  I am fortunate enough to have a Doctor that has suffered from asthma her whole life. She gets it. After so many years of being told, ‘You’re fine your oxygen is 98″ I finally have a provider that actually understands and does not minimize my condition.


Our bodies are amazing machines.


When we struggle to breathe, our bodies work extra hard to get that air in and out.  It is exhausting.

So, while maintaining an oxygen level of 98 is very possible, it will soon drop once our bodies can’t keep up. And for a lot of us asthmatics that is a lifetime to wait for air. Today my oxygen was at 97. I felt like I was going to pass out. If I inhaled too deep I would start coughing which made it harder to breathe.

Last night was horrible. I did my Duo Neb in my nebulizer 3 times, and it did not seem helpful.  This is the medication they give you in the ER for asthma.  I also had to sleep  sitting up, or I would start to wheeze and cough if I laid down

After a long ambulance ride last year on Christmas Eve, the doctors prescribed me the strong stuff.   All I can say is that if my Duo Neb treatment didnt help, it’s serious.  I also took a Benadryl which will reduce symptoms if it is an allergy-related attack.

Nothing was working.


So, Doctor visit today established I was having an asthma exacerbation or attack, Duh I knew this already. They prescribed me some steroids (Prednisone) and increased my dose of Advair to the highest dose.  I am breathing slightly better but still struggling.

Asthma is a serious condition


Do not ever second guess your symptoms. Go to the ER. Do not ever minimize the situation if someone cannot breathe.   If your lips are blue YOU WAITED WAY TOO LONG.  There have been occasions I woke up gasping for air when I had felt fine falling asleep.

My lips turned blue one occasion and my Oxygen was below 80 at that time.  Now I remember to take my meds as directed and not to ever miss a dose.  I take Singulair, Zyrtec Advair, every day and Albuterol and Duo Neb as needed.

This may seem like a lot for some. But I can tell you that breathing is pretty important. I am not blessed with great lungs. I am thankful for my meds.   Today was a rare thing.  When I follow the Doctors orders I do pretty well most the year. But I have to remember that there will be days like this.

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Remember, you can be struggling for air with good stats and still not be ok. I will update my condition in a couple of days.

Good night friends!

Amelia xo



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