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Lake Quinault Washington ~ A Drive Around the Lake

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Today was slightly warmer than it has been the past few days. The sun was shining so I thought it was the perfect day to go walk a few trails and enjoy the sunshine.   Lucy Elaine, Mia, Kela and I took a drive around the lake.  It was beautiful



Lake Quinault Loop Drive





So to give you an idea of the area, Northshore goes around the lake and connects to Southshore rd. It’s a full loop that connects at Hwy 101.


Our first stop was the trail at the Lake Quinault Ranger Station.  Believe it or not, this was my first time walking this trail.  Kinda crazy considering I have lived here for almost 4 years! In my defense, the Olympic National Forest is  922,650 sq feet. That is a lot of exploring to be done for sure.


Lake Quinault Washington subject to copyright

Even with the autumn leaves on the ground,  and the changing seasons, it was still as green as always.

The Ranger station looks like a small cottage hidden in the woods. Basically, that’s exactly what it is. There is front row parking and bathrooms.  Just what any tourist or visitor would need before heading out on a hike.


Lake quinault ranger station

Lake Quinault Ranger Station

We didn’t walk the whole trail. We walked about a quarter of a mile and went back to continue around the lake. Got a late start around 330 pm. It starts to get dark before 5  so I wanted to make sure we made the loop before dark.  This trail, in particular, was quite a bit wider than any of the other trails in the area.   Most of the other trails are fairly narrow and can only fit 1 person sometimes 2  side by side.  I liked how spacious the area was.

Quinault Ranger Station

Mia standing above the stream

The very first moment I got on camera was priceless.  I can’t believe how beautiful this place is.

The girls decided to go running ahead of me and Kela. They made it quite a bit further than we did.  so that explains the next picture why they are in tank tops in November.  They were wearing coats I swear!


We started out on Northshore and continued around the lake.
Lake Quinault Loop Drive

Northshore Rd, Lake Quinault Loop Drive

No matter how many times I have been here it is never the same. I have taken hundreds of pictures of the same location and they are all so unique and different.

 Rainforest Resort Lake Quinault

Kela @ Rainforest Resort

The drive took about an hour and a half. With many stops along the way, we made it to the other side before dark.


Rain Forest Resort Lake Quinault

Rain Forest Resort Lake Quinault


Lake Quinault Ranger StationLook forward to sharing our next adventure with you!  You can find more exciting Lake Quinault adventures HERE

Lake Quinault Lodge in the Fall

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