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Lake Quinault Lodge in the Fall

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Todays Adventure


“Mom, why don’t you go exploring at the Lodge today?”  Lucy says to me as I drop her off at friends.

My response: “What’s there to explore? I’ve been there so many times”

Ha. I should know better than to say something like that.   As I am headed home I glance over to see the fallen leaves, over the green grass, and I had to stop.  I have been here a hundred times, and Quinault never disappoints, even on rainy days.



It’s the same reason we walk the same trails.  The same reason I go to the same spot by the lake to play guitar.  Mother Nature is ever changing and always priceless. Each day offers a new adventure, new smells, and now that it’s Fall, new colors.  Visiting the same spot every day is never the same, it is always different, and beautiful.

To my surprise the parking across the street was empty so I had no problem finding a spot. That lot is usually almost full with maybe one or two spots open.  This time there was only one other car in the lot.


 Quinault Lodge


 My walk began around the right side of the building, on a paved path with an old canoe alongside.  I can imagine it has a thousand memories engraved in the wood we could never know about.

The flowers that are usually bright blue, have faded to an almost purple color, but still look lovely.



The path leads all the way behind the Lake Quinault Lodge. There are chairs facing the Lake in pairs of two’s and four’s scattered in the courtyard.  All placed in an orderly fashion.




The funny thing is that I have been here so many times and I enjoyed this as much as the first time. I was a little thrown off that it looked just as beautiful in the fall as it does in the summer.  As much as I wanted to dip my feet in the water, I knew better! The water was ice cold!

There is a nature trail from Willaby Creek that goes alongside the lake and takes you to the Lodge the back way.  I’ve walked that trail a few times.   The view is pretty amazing.


I spent about  25 minutes walking around. Sat by the lake for about 15 minutes and enjoyed the sound of the water.  I got some pretty good pictures too!

Look at the Lake!


All of these I decided to post unedited.  I really don’t think I could have even made them better if I tried.



Check out the videos so you can really get a feel for what I experienced yesterday! They are only about 30 seconds long.

Let’s wrap it up….


This is the other side of the Lodge. Just as beautiful as the rest of it. Thanks for checking out the Lodge with me! Here is another post you might like similar to this one! Xo!


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