How I Created my Kids DIY Halloween Costume for Under $15.00

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 How to Create a Kids Do-it-yourself Halloween Costume


This is no joke. The average person spends a minimum of 79.00 on a Halloween costume a year.  Many will spend up to 150 to make it perfect. But who are we kidding? While everyone is writing about all these fancy costumes and “fall must-haves”, some of us are trying to figure out how to even pay the bills, let alone buy a costume.


Even if your wearing last years costume or buying used,  you still will average around  $ 70. Makeup, accessories, and all the extras to make your costume unique.  Well, that’s most of us. Not me.  Here is how I was able to put together a costume using things I already had had at home, and a few inexpensive extras to make it pop.


All You Need ……

~ Wild Imagination

~ Old Dress-up or Party Dress  (ya know, the ones you forgot about in the back of the closet)

~ Cardboard Box ( to cut out Fairy wings)

~ Black Hoodie, Black Pants, and Gloves  (or alternate white and black)

~ Halloween Face Makeup  (you can find this for under $4 at any Walmart or sometimes at the $1 store)

~Temporary Colored Hair Spray & Glitter Spray  (optional)

~ Spray Paint

Blue Fairy Costume

Here is Lucy as a Blue Fairy.  We went through the girls dance dresses and found this one and created this from scratch. It was easy, and she loved it.

The make up I used on her I already had. But you can get a Halloween makeup kit with the makeup crayons ( I like those best) to use for the eyes and lips.

We cut out wings the day before out of a cardboard box, and spray painted both sides blue.   We safely attached them with large safety pins.  Making straps is an alternative to using safety pins.


The blue hairspray covered her whole head. Yes her hair was crunchy, but let’s just say the curls stayed put all night. If you are using a curling iron or straightener make sure to do that first. Then apply the color.

And of course the finishing touch… Glitter spray all over.

Anybody can do this with any color to match your dress.  Does not have to be blue


Skeleton Costume

This is super easy.  Just do the makeup and find some black and white clothes.

(Lightning bolts not included!)

I have been very fortunate to have children that get excited over homemade costumes and enjoy creating them.   Rarely have I been able to buy a new or even used costume, especially the past few years.    We may be poor but we are happy!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

if you need any other ideas or tips comment below or feel free to contact me through the contact form!!

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