fsa Thrive Food Show Seattle~ subject to copyright

FSA Thrive Food Expo~ Seattle 2018

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I was invited to attend the FSA  Food show in Seattle as a guest of Channel Point Village Retirement Home. I was looking forward to this event weeks beforehand.   Not only was excited to sample all the food, but this was my first event I would be writing about since my website went live back in August. Yess!

FSa Food Expo Seattle~ subject to copyright

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We arrived just after 2 pm at the Seattle Convention Center.  Picked up our name tags at the registration desk and made our way through the first set of doors. I took like 5 pictures of my name tag, I was stoked to be there! We were handed bags to collect all sorts of goodies along the way.

FSA Food Show Seattle~ subject to copyright

What is the FSA Thrive Food Expo you ask?

Food Services of America puts on an annual Food Show every year. This event is extremely important for business owners in the food industry.  The event is free of charge for those who attend, and it can really open some doors for business owners.

Being able to taste the food and try the products is a huge change from looking at a magazine or ordering online.

All the vendors in one place, to answer questions and introduce the latest products creates a welcoming pressure-free environment.

The first thing that caught my attention was a huge lit up sign right across from the registration desks.FSA Food Expo

Let’s just say I went to eat….

(And boy, did I eat… a lot!) There was everything from Campbell’s Soups, to Roasted Tenderloin, Gourmet cheeses (I couldn’t get enough of the cheese OMG!) Wine, and Beer, Coffee and every kind of Ice Tea you could think of.

FSA Food Expo Campbells Display~subject to copyright

Kate with Campbells Soup~ She was super friendly!

I honestly took over 200 pictures.  The displays were incredible, the people were all so inviting. There was no pressure whatsoever from any of the vendors. I was impressed with how laid back yet professional the environment was.

Fsa Food Expo Seattle~ Subject to copyright

My favorite was a Dimitris Bloody Mary.  Why? Well, not only was I able to sample one of my own, but I was also sent home with samples.  But he had me sold before I even approached the table. Their on-point product knowledge impressed me. They made me feel like I was one of the crew. Oh yea, and most importantly it was the best drink I have ever had!

I was a little disappointed there was no beer or wine sampling. Especially since the displays look too good to be true. I did get a good feel for the flavors. They were very good at describing each individual product.


FSA Food Expo Seattle~ subject to copyright

I am so grateful Janessa invited me as a guest.  When she reads this (hint hint wink wink) I hope you invite me to go next year as well!

Fsa Food show Seattle~ subject to copyright

By the time we left, we had too much to carry. I had to stop multiple times. Hey, I have a bad back. I’m not a wimp I swear.  Well, maybe a little.. Janessa had to carry my bag for me to the car Shh, don’t tell!

We had an incredible day, and I cannot wait to attend more events in the future!

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