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Make This Halloween a Monster Smash!


School just started and we are already talking about Halloween?? Yep! Better start planning early to avoid the last minute headache and stress.  Halloween is the most time-consuming Holiday of the year. There are costumes to shop for and parties to plan. Even if you cater your own party, it is still a lot of work! Not to mention the time it takes to make your costume perfect. Hair and makeup .. you get the idea! Whether you are planning a party for your friends or if you have kids…   if you have not started planning you better get on it!

These were personally picked by me in no particular order.  Hope you find some you like!


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Remember all of these have FREE SHIPPING!

1. Photobooth Props

 Halloween Photo Booth Props 27 pcs      $10.66

How can you go wrong with this one?  I love the variety as well as the kid-friendly non-bloody faces. Even the skull with the bloody brain looks friendly!

Spritz Halloween Photobooth kit $6.79

Although this kit only has 9 pieces, the top hats and masks in combination with the bow ties really can give your photo a unique look!


Mugshot Photo Booth Props  $19.98 

Comes with 20 pieces. personalize them for each guest and take home as a souvenir!  I love this one! This one DOES NOT come withbackdropYou can get that HERE






2. Spooky Back Drops

Whats a photo booth without a backdrop? And I mean a real spooky one!  Check these out.

Halloween Vinyl Photo Backdrop  $13.96 this is 5ft by 7ft. It’s big!

Check out  this creepy backdrop HERE


Pumpkin Moon Backdrop $8.96 5 ft by 7ft



This one is more kid friendly but still spooky!  Click HERE for more info.






3. Bloody Weapons and Human Limbs



If you really want bring out some real Halloween spirit, you have to have some bloody human parts right?  In all honesty, this is something my kids would beg me for and not something I would want in my home.  But let’s face it. It’s one day a year! Might as well make it as scary as possible! Check it out HERE




4. Creepy Tattoos

I hate spiders. This would literally give me a panic attack!  It does not matter if you are 3 years old or 37, temporary tattoos are always fun.

Spider tattoos click HERE 

These are $5.25 for 72 creepy crawly tattoos. Yuck!

Sugar Skull Tattoos  $4.98


I am a HUGE Sugar Skull fan. This is pretty cool that you can just tattoo your face instead of hours of makeup. Three sheets per order. Find it HERE

Day of the dead  face tattoo kit for $5.48

Found HERE









5. Sound Activated Flashing LED Masks $9.32

I was super excited to see these on eBay for such an amazing price. We got one of these at the Puyallup fair this year and paid almost 3 times as much!  These are voice activated and at a price, you simply cannot beat. Click HERE for details






6. Lace Tablecloth




$14.12  Price drop! Now its  only $12.20 for this classic, yet spooky tablecloth. Click HERE for details  I love this one! I would have one over All my end tables too if I could. Not sure my roomate would approve though.





There are also 30 inch & 40inch round accent tablecloths. You can find those HERE










I am so excited for Halloween, I am going to go ahead and post this and I will add a few more items in the next couple of days. Feel free to comment below with any ideas you have as well!

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

You can go HERE to check out eBays Daily Halloween Deals 

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