Choosing to be Happy in Times of Stress.

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It’s 9:55 pm, and I am beat. sitting/halfway laying in bed trying to get caught up on the day. Feeling a bit frustrated with myself that I was not able to accomplish what I had planned for the day.

I live 42 miles from town, almost 54 miles to Walmart. We had to make two trips back today because we forgot my daughter’s glasses at home, and she needed them to get her permit.


Lucy at the Hoquiam DMV

Good News! She Got her permit!!


She Drove 42 miles home from the DMV. It was great to take a break from driving.







Quinault Lake Washington~subject to copyright

Lake Quinault


We live in a beautiful place. Surrounded, by trees, bodies of water, nature trails with waterfalls, you name it. But the reality of our world is a little harsh at times. Struggling to pay bills, (or not pay them at all) seems to be a vicious cycle for me.



Willaby Creek in the fall


I have had two back surgeries, both landing me in the hospital for 8 weeks due to horrible infections.  My last Surgery was in June of this year, and I was released from the hospital July 13th.


Still recovering, physically unable to work quite yet, stressed sometimes to the point of tears….  But in all honesty, I am happy.





Anyone can look at it from both sides.  Having family members that suffer from depression and mental illness, I am not saying it is easy. Sometimes I feel sad (as all humans do sometimes)  More often lately with the financial struggles, and stressing about the holidays coming up. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the holidays.  Of course, as a parent, I want to be able to make sure my kids are happy and have what they need as well.

But with struggle, comes acceptance and learning to find happiness in all things.  Which I do. Having OCD and anxiety and am fortunate enough to not need any medications at this point in my life.


Why am I sharing this?


No particular reason actually. I started typing and this is where my mind took me.  Its the next day from when I started writing this and I feel good. Woke up happy and determined to accomplish amazing things.  I am excited to get on Facebook and see what my other blogger friends are up to today…

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 Be Happy. Love Life. Share Goodness.

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