Fractal Wood Burning

Aesthetic Wood Art ~ Fractal Burning Artist Uses Living Stumps & Burlwood as Canvas

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Uncle Salty’s Horribly Wonderful World of Wood is what he calls himself. Creating mini lightning bolts to burn patterns into burlwood, and living stumps this artist uses the technique of Lichtenberg or “Fractal” burning to create unique art.

Humble and modest in regards to his work, he hardly thinks of himself as an artist. Uncle Sa as a hobby. While doing what he enjoys, he creates one of a kind masterpieces that can never be copied or duplicated.

Although many are familiar with this incredible art form, I had never heard of it until about two weeks ago. Fractal Burning is when someone Uses high voltage electricity to produce branching patterns into wood. This is also known as Lichtenburg Figures.

I would describe the Art of Fractal wood-burning to be like painting with electricity. Very cool to watch, however extremely dangerous to perform. It can kill you if not done properly.

Fractal Burning Art

The amount of time spent on these projects can vary from several hours to several weeks. Each wood piece is authentic by nature. Included in his collection are living stumps and burlwood preserved with no alterations, while others have fractal burning.

Living Stump Art
Living Stump

Tree stump flower pots are a unique way to accent any garden and something he uses in his own back yard.

Tree stump flower pot

living stump

More details on how to purchase these will be posted as soon as tomorrow. Don’t forget to share and comment on this post! We look forward to your comments and feedback!

xo Amelia

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