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Hello Friends…

This is my first attempt to give my readers a little taste of who I am.  This is my second-month blogging. (Not counting the 4 months before that I was trying to blog.)

washington pineapple .

@ Babies R Us with my oldest Hailey

I follow several other bloggers. Too many to count actually.  What I love the most is getting to know them and how real they are. I admire those who are able to share who they are with their readers. In fact, that has been my most difficult challenge as a blogger.


First of all, who came up with the word   Blog  anyway??


TRUTH: BLOG ~ Say it out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound like a bodily function we shouldn’t discuss.   Excuse me, I just Blogged..  and to all the other bloggers who read this ( Come on you gotta laugh, right?)


Me, Lucy and Hailey @ Boise Music Festival 2012

In addition to admiring other writers, I have noticed a trend where it seems everyone is writing about the same thing at the same time.   I want to be successful, yet I find myself rebelling in a way.

Although I love reading about the new fall colors and fashion, I get bored with it by the time I realize, “Oh Crap! I didn’t write my fall review for the latest fall trends”  Which I will, I just want to be as much of me as possible when doing so.   Clearly, I need to work on this… But for now, let’s get back to me….

First of all, I am Amelia, nice to meet you!  I am a Mom to cats, dogs a parakeet and human children. Also, I am Gram to one perfect Granddaughter.

I love Makeup and Fashion but above all, Photography and Music.

I am... a Guitarist, songwriter, and lyricist for the past 25 years.  I’ve written over 100 songs and performed since I was 16.  I have never professionally recorded any of my music but would love to one day.


I have a hard time sitting still.  In fact, I am way too hyper for my own good.  I talk way too much.  So much that I have those days where I wished I hadn’t spoken at all.  Anyone else like that?  Sort of funny but not so much at times.   But trying REALLY hard to think before I speak especially in groups of people..,Definitely, need to work on that.

Washington Pineapple Fallen Trees ~subject to copyright

I am an enthusiast about ALL things fun and ridiculous.  I love to create food masterpieces,  capture priceless moments on camera and laugh laugh laugh.

Kalaloch Beach




A lot of people get the impression we travel because of where we live. Well, the beach, the rainforest, and the mountains are within 30 minutes of our house. So we are fortunate to have the vacation experience without going far.


Truth is we have not been able to travel in almost 9 years.  That’s a long time!  Family travel for 2019 is a MUST.


Goals for 2019


My goal for the upcoming year is to visit my sister in New York City, and my other family in Mississippi.  I would love some input in the comments below of ideas for planning. Places to see, best family-friendly hotels etc.


Things I Love..

I love the outdoors, the beach, collecting rocks, making new friends, playing guitar by the lake, hiking, and watching my kids play sports. I tried to play volleyball with my girls. Ouch! I would rather watch. I’m not much for getting hit by a ball.. Oh yea, I LOVE TO COOK ! 


Blogging is not what I thought it would be, It’s kinda like an online version of my life I guess. I try to be super careful with what I share regarding my kids and personal life. Everything is going good so far!  I consume myself with writing and I love it.


Need Help Blogging?

I have learned a lot from other bloggers who have helped me so much by offering support groups and free resources. I would have given up by now if not for them. These are the three that I would recommend anyone interested in blogging to follow and join their community.

 Its a Lovely life    Ruth in Revolt   ELLDUCLOS


My daughter Lucy is an author for The Washington Pineapple as well.  You should see some pretty good reads from here in the next week or so. If you have heard of the new movie “The Meg” in theatres now, you should check it out her article HERE Some very interesting facts about the Megoladon!



Whew, that was a lot I feel like!  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter  Instagram and Facebook!  

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