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A Bookworms Heaven~ Powell’s Books Portland Oregon

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 A Bookworms Heaven

The three words I would use to describe Powell’s Books. A bookworms heaven.  I have never been so overwhelmed by so many books. I really just expected it to be a basic bookstore where I would get some books and walk out because the best part for me is usually the reading. But as soon as I got to Powell’s, I didn’t want to leave.

Powell's books~ a book worms heaven

So many books!

It had multiple stories with shelves upon shelves just filled with books. I wasn’t nervous to look through all these books like I typically am.  I knew that everyone in that room had a soft spot for a good book.

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Hamilton The revolution


I wasn’t scared to pick up books that I have never heard of before and just sit down and read.

I loved just reading through Hamilton.  Not only is it one of my favorite plays, I just did a report on it in school.

Hamilton~ Powell's books Portland


The best part was that all the books were organized. The rooms are sorted into colors, so when you want a specific type of book you know exactly what room to go into. The people that work there were really friendly, and I could tell that they actually loved their jobs. I mean, nobody would want to work in a bookstore if they hated books, right?

Anyone could find a book that they like at Powell’s Books even if they “aren’t a book person.”


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.a book lovers heaven

Before we even left the house for our trip to Portland I already knew this was the book I wanted.  Even though this book is at a fifth-grade level, it’s been my favorite book since forever.

I figured that the bookstore wouldn’t have it because it’s a pretty old book, but it turns out that I got my hands on a hardback version that was in very good condition.


Eleanor & Parkeleanor & park book lovers


I even found a couple more books that I figured I would enjoy. I started reading this book called Eleanor & Park. This was my first time reading this book, and I wasn’t really interested in the beginning, but I never quit a book once I have started.

I finished this book in about 3 days because I fell in love with it.  I didn’t want it to end. In fact, when it did finally end I was crying for a good two hours!

My Mom and Mia were laughing at me. ( They don’t understand because they are not into books like I am)

Powell's Books Portland



I’m really glad that my mom took me with her to have this experience. And this might sound nerdy, but if I were rich, I wouldn’t buy a fancy car or house, I would go to Powell’s Books and buy 1000 books.

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