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Humming to Reduce Anxiety~ How Bhramari Pranayama can Help

In Lifestyle, Musicby Amelia Hyde

      Driving home from Olympia the other day I heard a short clip on the radio that caught my attention.   A radio host on  Sunny 102.1  mentioned that humming reduces anxiety and stress. Huh.. I rarely hum. In fact, I don’t think I ever do. I am constantly singing, or La la la-ing. But never do I hum.  This …

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Why I Switched to Fresh Organic Spices

In Everything But The Kitchen Sink, Lifestyleby Amelia Hyde

I love to cook…   almost as much as I love playing the guitar. Recently I have decided to switch a few things up in my kitchen. This has made a huge difference in the way I prepare meals.   Switching to  Fresh Organic Spices and Herbs is a starting point in my journey to becoming a healthier me. There has been some question …

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Pesto Chicken Flatbread Recipe With Homemade Pesto Sauce

In Lifestyle, Recipesby Amelia Hyde

Prep Time  30 min  | Cook Time  5-7 min  |  Total Time  37 min   I am super excited to share this Flatbread Recipe.   I made 2 kinds of Flatbread Pizza with homemade Pesto Sauce. Both turned out better than expected! This Recipe can be modified to meet your taste expectations by simply adding more or less of the ingredients.    You will need: …