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What Flavor is Kool-Aid Man?

In Everything But The Kitchen Sink, Lifestyleby Amelia Hyde

Sunday afternoon lunch topic  “What flavor is Kool-Aid man?” I know this is not the first time someone has wondered about this.  Joey brings this up as we are having lunch. Well, Joey, that is a very good question!  So we asked the other kids what flavor they thought he was. Here are their answers: Char Char: ” I don’t know” Freddy: “Fruit …

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Summer Vacation ~ Living on the Olympic Peninsula~

In Lifestyle, Travelby Amelia Hyde

Summer vacation is something my kids and I look forward all year.  Since July 2015 after moving from Idaho, summer is not just a break from school it’s a vacation. Because we don’t have to travel, planning activities for our family is always a no-brainer. Not only do we live 31 miles from the  Pacific Coastline,  we are surrounded by nature trails, …